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OMB (Office for Model Building) Limited創辦人—馮光明從事建築模型設計近40年,他曾參與香港和世界各地重要的項目,亦見證了香港建築在這些年的發展。儘管他已在行業工作了近40年,但亦熱愛工作,享受項目,可謂「敬業樂業」!

Mr K.M. Fung - the founder of the OMB (Office for Model Building) Limited is a Professional Architectural model maker in Hong Kong and involved in various Iconic projects in Hong Kong and overseas. He is not only a model maker but also witnessed the Architectural development in Hong Kong. Although He has worked in this industry for nearly 40 years, he is still passionate about his career and enjoys his project.

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